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Caroline Butcher


1 dancer on stage with arms spread up and out, sternum and focus upward

Photo by Amanda Tipton




Caroline was a fantastic teacher for my class this year. She was always so encouraging

and uplifting in class and will always push you to be your best. She is hilarious and connects so well with all of her students.

Caroline has this connection and integration of context to what she's dancing and within her body that it makes her dancing so compelling and grounded. It feels a little like fairy dust to watch the intricate pathways of attention and energy that she's able to access reach far beyond her body and change the space around her.
Caroline has completely transformed my way of thinking...the way that Caroline connected this class to real world issues was phenomenal. I have already noticed so many ways that this class has changed my outlook on social issues.
1 dancer on stage with green hued lighting in a lunge position and arched back, focus towards the ceiling

Photo by Rachel D Graham


Caroline is a mover, thinker, maker, and collaborator with an intention to unearth the vulnerability of her whole self in the hopes of cultivating honest, messy, and radical relationships. She is committed to the impossible task of disrupting the perpetual effects of existing in colonized spaces in herself and in the systems in which she is implicated – impossible because the task is ongoing, never complete. As a mover, Caroline is interested in researching endurance strategies for sustaining embodied practices that invoke discomfort, exhaustion, and strain, pursuing with joy and conviction what may seem impossible. As a facilitator, she is passionate about engaging students in discussion and actions that question hegemonic narratives and create an intentional awareness of the self in community. As a maker, she is curious about how “performative” spaces can curate participation, reflection, and conversation. And, as a recent graduate from the MFA program at the University of Colorado, Boulder, she is both succeeding and failing at subverting the oppressive systems in which she is also complicit. Ultimately, Caroline is passionate about fostering environments where individuals feel rooted in their humanness and connected to one another, recognizing their gifts and leaning bravely into their growth edges.

close up of 1 dancer with black bacground, one hand covering the eyes and the other arm across the chest

Photo by Gretchen LaBorwit


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