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title. Right Now/Ready
concept. Anna Pillot
projection and technical design. Brad Gallagher 
date. 2023

city. Prague Quadrennial, Prague, Czechia

length. 45:00

2 dancers in shiny unitards attached to bungees are intertwined on a low leve; there is projection in the background

Photo by Jakub Cervenka

title. My Dear Friend and Collaborator
concept. Caroline Butcher and Anna Pillot
projection. Anna Pillot 
date. 2023

city. Boulder, CO

length. 14:00

An ode to grad school...everything we've ever done from the past 3 years in 13 minutes.

title. Inbalance/Imbalance
concept. Anna Pillot
technical design. Brad Gallagher 
date. 2022

city. Boulder, CO

length. 60:00

in the news.

2 dancers are lying on the floor tangled in large pieces of plastic and rope; dancer in foreground is blurry and dancer in background is clear

Photos by Elliot Whitehead

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